Spares & Pairs

November 29, 2017 – Spares & Pairs “The Boys are Back” Square Dance, Bloomington, Callers Dick Rueter and Tom Allen, Cuer Ray Belanger.  Seven squares with dancers from Afternoon Squares, County Line Squares, Dakota Grand Squares, Hot Foot Stompers, South Metro Stars, Spares & Pairs, and Westonka Whirlers were present.  Also present were Spares & Pairs Queen Cathy, Dakota Grand Squares Queen Eileen and King Darwin, CSD Secretary Ken Scott, SDM Chair LeRoy Elfmann, SDM Secretary Gael Zachman, SDM Treasurer Deb Hollimon, SDM Education Director Barry Downs, SDM Historian Al Martin, SDM Marketing Director Dee Scott, and SDM Membership Director Mary Kay Amberg.  County Line Squares claimed a Spares & Pairs banner (see photo above).

Carol received her Live-Lively “Octogenarian” award.