SDM Winter Festival

February 3, 2018 – SDM Winter Festival¬†“Board Meeting, Dance, and Awards Presentation” Square Dance, St. Cloud, Callers Tom Allen, Andy Flint, Tom Jacobs, Roger McNeil, Cuers Sarah Klaphake, Ken LaBau, Bernadette McNeil.¬† Forty-six dancers were present from Beaux & Belles, Cambridge Corners, County Line Squares, ETTA Square & Rounds, F-M Square Dancers Association, Jolly Twirlers, Koronis Nite Owls, L & M Squares, Rockin’ Country Dancers, Saturday Fun Nite, Single Circles, South Metro Stars, Spares & Pairs, Wadena Whirlaways, and Westonka Whirlers.¬† Mavis Johnson received the Most-Active Dancer award (see photo above) having participated in 139 dance events during the period July 1 through December 31, 2017.

Don Lundell received the second Most-Active Dancer award with 138 events.

Barry Downs was the third Most-Active Dancer with 128 events.

Jim Egerman was the fifth Most-Active Dancer with 68 events.

Mavis Johnson and Don Lundell received their sixth Traveler award.

Dave Flint received a Septuagenarian Live Lively award.

Jennifer Downs received a Septuagenarian Live Lively award.

Callers and Cuers.