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Beaux & Belles

April 17, 2019 – Beaux & Belles Square Dance, St Cloud, Caller Dick Severson, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Dancers from Rockin’ Country Dancers, Rays Promenaders, Koronis Nite Owls, Jolly Twirlers, and County Line Squares danced with Beaux & Belles (see photo above).  Square Dance Minnesota (SDM) Treasurer Gael Zachman, SDM Education Director Terry Orton, and SDM Executive Director LeRoy Elfmann were present.

Koronis Nite Owls

April 13, 2019 – Koronis Nite Owls “Spring Flowers” Square Dance, Paynesville, Caller Myron Hollatz.  Rockin’ Country Dancers, Jolly Twirlers and County Line Squares danced with Koronis Nite Owls (see photo above).  Rockin’ Country Dancers and County Line Squares retrieved their banners.

County Line Squares

April 12, 2019 – County Line Squares “Western Roundup” and “RoundUp Subscription” Square Dance, Monticello, Caller Tom Allen, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Dancers from Ar-Dale Dancers, Beaux & Belles, Cambridge Corners, Hot Foot Stompers, Single Circles, Spares & Pairs, Square & Twirl, Triple T, and Westonka Whirlers danced with County Line Squares.  Spares & Pairs Queen Jennifer and King Barry, County Line Squares Queen Gael and King Doug, Federation at Large Patti and Jerry Ellingson, Square Dance Minnesota (SDM) Vice Chair Barry Downs, SDM Treasurer Gael Zachman, SDM Executive Director LeRoy Elfmann, SDM Historian Al Martin, SDM Marketing Director Dee Scott, RoundUp Advertising Manager Connie Walker-Pearson, RoundUp Subscription Manager and Enhancin’ Dancin’ Editor Paul Pearson, and RoundUp Spotlight Editor Patti Ellingson were present.  Single Circles retrieved their banner (see photo above).  Cambridge Corners claimed a County Line Squares banner, and Hot Foot Stompers and Westonka Whirlers already have County Line Squares banners.  Click here for more photos.


Westonka Whirlers

Hot Foot Stompers.

Cambridge Corners.

Girl Scouts

April 8, 2019 – Girl Scouts Demo Square Dance, Monticello, Caller Abe Maier.  Seven squares of energetic girl scouts and angels danced at the demo (see photo above).

South Metro Stars

April 9, 2019 – South Metro Stars “Intro to Square Dancing” Square Dance, Burnsville, Caller Monte Guenzler.  Eighteen new dancers and 23 angels danced (see photo above).

Northern MN Heart Dance

April 7, 2019 – Northern Minnesota Square Dance for Heart, Waubun, Callers Roger McNeil, Charley Huhtala and Mark Helfter, Cuer Bernadette McNeil. Jessica from the American Heart Association accepting a check (see photo above) in the amount of $2,727.00 which were the proceeds from the benefit held by the Northwest Region.  Over seven squares of dancers raised the funds through donations, silent auction, and dinner.

Callers and cuer at the Heart Dance benefit.

Dakota Grand Squares

April 6, 2019 – Dakota Grand Squares “Royalty Prom” Square Dance, Inver Grove Heights, Caller Tom Allen, Cuer Ken LaBau.  Dakota Grand Squares celebrated their incoming royalty Gale and Al Wutschke.  Rose and John Cook, current royalty, welcomed them (see photo above).

Longevity Expo

April 6, 2019 – Maple Grove Community Center “ABC” square dancing at the Longevity Expo, Caller Roger McNeil,  Square dancing had a booth and room at the Expo. Let’s have a round of applause for the 52 square dancers who turned out to dance with the Expo attendees who wanted to try square dancing.  All ages tried square dancing at the Expo.

Some of the Expo attendees and angels.

Caller Roger McNeil treated this group to the chicken dance!