L & M Squares

October 24, 2017 – L & M Squares Square Dance, Fargo, Callers Roger McNeil and Charley Huhtala, Cuer Bernadette McNeil.  Gabi, from Germany, danced with L & M Squares making ND her 50th state she has square danced in “just for fun.”  She is pictured above with the dance leaders and some of the new square dancers in Fargo.  Front row:  Janet and Clayton Frame, Gabi, Bernadette McNeil.  Back row: Kevin and Cindy Heap, Roger McNeil and Charley Huhtala. Gabi owns a square dance shop near the Black Forest.

Merrill Braaten celebrated his 85th birthday on the 24th, which was his actual birthday.  His wife Norene served a cake in his honor.