Spares & Pairs

May 9, 2018 – Spares & Pairs “Timbre Junction Bluegrass Concert” Square Dance, Caller Dick Rueter with Timbre Junction, Cuer Ray Belanger.  Over 14 squares were present (some are in the photo above) with dancers from Ar-Dale Dancers, Beaux & Belles, County Line Squares, Dakota Grand Squares, Danc’n Singles (Smyrna, Georgia), ETTA Square & Rounds, Hot Foot Stompers, Single Circles, Spares & Pairs, Wandering Wheels, and Westonka Whirlers.  Also present were Ar-Dale Dancers Queen Tami and King Rick, County Line Squares Queen Gael and King Doug, Dakota Grand Squares Queen Rose Marie and King John, Single Circles King Mel, Spares & Pairs Queen Jennifer, USDA Plains Region Vice Presidents Judy and Floyd Engelhardt, CSD Chair Vince Dahlheimer, SDM Chair LeRoy Elfmann, SDM Secretary Gael Zachman, SDM Membership Director Mary Kay Amberg.  Other callers and cuers present were Tom Allen, Andy Flint, Larry Fruetel, Robin Fryman, Denise Heinz, Ken LaBau, Rick Larson.

Timbre Junction.

USDA Plains Region Vice Presidents Floyd and Judy Engelhardt.

Single Circles dancers.

Westonka Whirlers dancers.

Ar-Dale Dancers (some had departed before the photo was taken).

Dakota Grand Squares dancers.

County Line Squares dancers.