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Cambridge Corners

November 4, 2022 – Cambridge Corners Square Dance, Isanti, Caller Larry Johansen.  Dancers from County Line Squares, Friendly Twirlers, Hotfoot Stompers, Jolly Promenaders, MAGIC, and Spares & Pairs danced with Cambridge Corners (see photo above).

Beaux & Belles

November 2, 2022 – Beaux & Belles Square Dance, St Cloud, Caller Tom Allen.  Koronis Nite Owls and County Line Squares danced with Beaux & Belles (see photo above).

SDM Fall Festival

October 30, 2022 – SDM “Fall Festival” Square Dance, St Cloud, Callers Tom Allen, John Bittner, Andy Flint, Charley Huhtala, Abe Maier, Brad Neutz, Dick Severson, Bill VanBergen, and John Weldon; Cuers Sarah Klaphake, Bernadette McNeil and Donna Stone; and Line Dance Leader Beth Boatz,  Eleven squares with dancers from Afternoon Squares, Ar-Dale Dancers, Beaux & Belles, Cambridge Corners, Century Squares, County Line Squares, Dakota Squares, ETTA Square & Rounds, F-M Square Dancers Assoc, Friendly Squares, Gospel Plus, Hotfoot Stompers, Kaleidoscope Squares, Koronis Nite Owls, L & M Squares, North Country Plus, Rays Promenaders, Saturday Fun Nite, Spares & Pairs, Valley Stars, Wadena Whirlaways, and Westonka Whirlers were present.

Square dancing.

More square dancing.

And, more square dancing.

Callers, cuers, and leaders (some departed before the photo was taken).

Mary Jane received her “Septuagenarian Live-Lively” award.

Josie received her first new dancer graduate award.

Ali received her first new dancer graduate award.

Dancers from Friendly Squares received a certificate for their “65th Anniversary.”

Dancers from Saturday Fun Nite received their “40th Anniversary.”

Gospel Plus

October 28, 2022 – Gospel Plus Square Dance, Hopkins, Caller Tom Allen, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Westonka Whirlers at the dance (see photo above).

County Line Squares at the dance.

Hotfoot Stompers at the dance.

Spares & Pairs

October 27, 2022 – Spares & Pairs “ABC” Square Dance, Bloomington, Caller Larry Fruetel.  New dancers and angels continue to enjoy the ABCs (see photo above).

North Metro

October 25, 2022 – North Metro “ABC” Square Dance, Maple Grove, Caller Tom Allen.  New dancers and angels at the dance (see photo above).


October 23, 2022 – Square Dance “Blast,” St Cloud, Caller Tom Allen.  The fun, fellowship, and fitness continued at the blast.

Crystal Cross Trailers

October 21, 2022 – Crystal Cross Trailers Square Dance, Plymouth, Caller Tom Allen, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Dakota Squares claimed a Crystal Cross Trailers banner (see photo above).