Quant Funeral

September 7, 2022 – The church was packed as was the outdoor luncheon at Fred Quant’s funeral.  Square dancers once again proved that we’re a huge, supportive family!

Koronis Nite Owls

September 10, 2022 – Koronis Nite Owls “42nd Anniversary” Square Dance, Paynesville, Caller Larry Johansen.  Wadena Whirlaways, Rockin’ Country Dancers, County Line Squares, and Beaux & Belles danced with Koronis Nite Owls (see photo above).

County Line Squares

September 9, 2022 – County Line Squares “Jersey Night” Square Dance, Monticello, Caller Abe Maier, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Beaux & Belles, Crystal Cross Trailers, Hotfoot Stompers, Koronis Nite Owls, Rockin’ Country Dancers, Single Circles, Spares & Pairs, and Westonka Whirlers danced with County Line Squares.  Koronis Nite Owls (see phot above) and Hotfoot Stompers (see photo below) claimed County Line Squares banners.

Some Hotfoot Stompers dancers departed before the photo was taken.

Beaux & Belles

September 7, 2022 – Beaux & Belles “Ice Cream Social” Square Dance, St Cloud, Caller Phil Miller, Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Koronis Nite Owls, Hotfoot Stompers, and County Line Squares danced with Beaux & Belles (see photo above).  County Line Squares claimed a Beaux & Belles banner.


September 2-5, 2022 – Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (WMSTR) Square, Round, Line, and Folk Dance Demo/ABC, Rollag, Callers Mark Helfter and Myron Hollatz.  Dancers from Valley Stars, Spares & Pairs, Saturday Fun Nite, Rockin’ Country Dancers, L & M Squares, Hotfoot Stompers, Friendly Squares, and County Line Squares participated (see photo above).

Sqaure dancing.

Fun with the little ones.

Lots of folks came to watch.

Caller Myron Hollatz.


Dakota Squares

August 28, 2022 – Dakota Squares Square Dance, West St Paul, Caller Dick Rueter, Line Dance Leader Beth Boatz, Guest Caller Larry Fruetel.  Dancers from Ar-Dale Dancers, County Line Squares, Dakota Grand Squares, Hotfoot Stompers, Spairs & Pairs, Swingmasters, TMF Squares, TTT Squares, and Westonka Whirlers danced with Dakota Squares (see photo above).

Line dancing.

Paul received his “Nonagenarian” Live-Lively Award.

Marilyn received her “Septuagenarian” Live-Lively Award.


Gospel Plus

August 26, 2022 – Gospel Plus Square Dance, Hopkins, Callers Dick Rueter and Tom Allen (see photo above), Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Dancers from Afternoon Squares, Ar-Dale Dancers, Country Twirlers, County Line Squares, Dakota Squares, Hotfoot Stompers, Minnesota Round Dance Council, Spares & Pairs, Square & Twirl, Swingmasters, Wadena Whirlaways, and Westonka Whirlers danced with Gospel Plus.


Round dancing.

Mainstream Blast

August 21, 2022 – Basic/Mainstream Blast, Mound, Caller/Instructor Dick Rueter.  Ten squares of angels and new dancers completed BLAST yesterday (see photo above – some left before the photo was taken).

Welcome new or refreshing dancers!

Learning the calls.

Dick Rueter from Arizona taught the mainstream calls.

Westonka Whirlers

August 20, 2022 – Westonka Whirlers “Canary – Amateur Night” Square Dance, Mound, Callers Dick Rueter, Tom Allen, John Bittner, Larry Fruetel, Rick Larson, Andy Schoenleben, Ben Stokes, and Bill VanBergen; Cuer Sarah Klaphake.  Dancers from Afternoon Squares, Ar-Dale Dacners, Beaux & Belles, County Line Squares, Dakota Squares, Hotfoot Stompers, and Spares & Pairs danced with Westonka Whirlers.

Spares & Pairs

August 18, 2022 – Spares & Pairs “ABC”  Square Dance, Bloomington, Callers Dick Rueter and Larry Fruetel.  New dancers and angels with callers (see photo above).