SDM Winter Festival

January 26, 2020 – SDM Winter Festival Square Dance, St Cloud, Callers Tom Allen, Andy Flint, Monte Guenzler, Charley Huhtala, Larry Johansen, Rick Larson, Abe Maier, Roger McNeil, Dick Severson, and John Welton; Cuers Sarah Klaphake, Ken LaBau, and Bernadette McNeil.  Dancers from Afternoon Squares, Ar-Dale Dancers, Beaux & Belles, Cambridge Corners, County Line Squares, ETTA Square & Rounds, Friendly Squares, Gospel Plus, Jolly Twirlers, Kaleidoscope Squares, Koronis Nite Owls, L & M Squares, Rays Promenaders, Rockin’ Country Dancers, Saturday Fun Nite, South Metro Stars, Spares & Pairs, Wadena Whirlaways, and Westonka Whirlers were present.  Ten callers and three cuers kept the dance lively (see photo above).  Awards were presented by SDM Chair Barry Downs (see photos below).

Live-Lively “Octogenarian” Award – Tony Klingelhoets.

Live-Lively “Octogenarian” Award – Don Lundell.

New Graduate First Award – Ella Klaphake.

New Graduate First Award – Anna Mohs.

New Graduate First and Second Awards – Maggie Bloomquist.

New Graduate First and Second Awards – Bill and Char VanBergen.

New Graduate Second and Third Awards – Brad and Michelle Neutz.

Eighth Most-Active Dancer – Debbie Quant (50 events) (not present).

Seventh Most-Active Dancer – Audrey Boyd (63 events).

Seventh Most-Active Dancer – Kathy Achermann (63 events).

Sixth Most-Active Dancer – David Wilde (85 events) (not present).

Fifth Most-Active Dancer – Doug Zachman (95 events) (not present).

Fourth Most-Active Dancer – Gael Zachman (98 events) (not present).

Third Most-Active Dancer – Jennifer Downs (112 events).

Second Most-Active Dancers – Don Lundell and Mavis Johnson (125 events).

Most-Active Dancer (Jul-Dec 2019) – Carmen Fesenmaier (126 events).

Most-Active Dancer banner.